4 Reasons Why BBA is the Right UG Program for you


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a lucrative option for students who want to make a career in the world of business and corporate management. There are many reputable BBA colleges in Delhi NCR that teach problem-solving abilities to students and imbibe leadership qualities necessary in today’s competitive business economy. The blog post discusses some reasons why a student should choose BBA after 12th.

Early opportunities to grow as a professional

The program helps students understand and acquire management skills at an early age. If someone wishes to become an entrepreneur, the course teaches several aspects of running a business like a leader. The strategic and tactical skills of students improve when they pursue BBA.

More time to learn basic management

The 3-year program gives students enables students to learn basic management theories. The course covers business economics, finance, accounting principles, computer fundamentals, marketing management, and business law. Students learn all these subjects in detail, which further helps them build an all rounded approach in a business environment.

More opportunities at mass managerial level

Companies mostly look for BBA graduates for entry-level jobs at managerial levels, which means students have more job opportunities after the three-year program. BBA graduates are fit for positions such as sales manager, supply chain manager, cost estimator and loss prevention manager. Companies refrain from hiring MBAs for such profiles because of the higher expectations of candidates in terms of salary and profile.

Makes the student financially independent

BBA offers students an opportunity to start working at an early age, which also makes them financially independent. Many students pursue MBA after doing graduation in another stream, which is more expensive than BBA program and increases financial dependency for two more years.

Final Words

If you are still not sure about your career path, you may re-think about doing BBA. Many students choose other streams at UG level and pursue MBA when they finally want to get into managerial position. Make sure you choose one of the top private BBA colleges in Delhi to pursue a career in management because it is ultimately the faculty, exposure, and placement record of the institute that would help you become a better professional.


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